Feb 28, 2014
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Tips to know before even thinking about buying gold

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Many investing experts agree that buying gold should be a part of every one’s portfolio if they are seriously interested in protecting and growing their wealth. But the reason many people overlook gold and precious metals as an investment is because it doesn’t have the fast appreciating potential that other forms of investing have. Instead, it should be viewed as a wealth protecting asset because it is something that will always have value. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the market does, gold will always have good value and won’t fluctuate like certain currencies and stock can.

Buying gold: Why do it

While many people think that diversifying their portfolio means buying different stocks related to different markets, what most experts mean by diversifying is to buy not only shares of a company but put money in different assets as well. From the day that the gold standard was abandoned in 1971, the price of gold has only risen, which stands in contrast to the stock market on the whole. This means that even if the stock market is doing poorly, there is a good chance that gold will still be on the rise.

Protection against the worst case scenario

Inflation is a popular word that gets thrown around a lot. However, most people use it as a scare tactic instead of presenting it from the point of view of an opportunity. Inflation occurs at the same time that a currency loses it’s value. However, when this happens, the value of gold is almost always unaffected, since its price is dictated by a whole other set of rules. So, if gold was purchased before the inflation occurred, that same amount of the precious metal will be worth inversely as much as the currency deflated.

Gold keeps its value, no matter what people think

Paper money as a currency only works for as long as everybody keeps believing in its value. Think about it this way, if everybody starts to distrust the economic system that uses a given currency, the value immediately drops. Because many currencies aren’t backed anymore by gold (as they used to be), the trust people have in its value is the only thing holding it together. On the other hand, nobody will ever argue against the value of gold. There is no trust to be had, it is a mineral that humans cannot fabricate (like paper money) and therefore cannot affect its overall value. That means that it will always be worth something regardless of the number of economies that collapse or banking systems that close down.

What to do with the gold once you’ve bought it

Say your gone through the process. You’ve done your research, you’ve found the best place to buy gold and your on the verge of placing an order. What do you do with the gold? Do you store it yourself? Thankfully, most gold dealers offer options to their customers. They offer safe shipping and delivery options for those who are more inclined to store it themselves. On the other hand, they also offer to connect buyers with precious metal custodians who will take care of storing the metals for clients (for a fee of course).

Also, there is the option of investing in stocks related to gold and gold mining. Because the value of gold never drops too drastically, companies involved in its extraction and processing usually follow the same trend. This is another option that some people who are more inclined to purchase stocks instead of physical assets might be willing to look into.

Doing the research

All in all it is vital to do a proper amount of research and know what the best path to follow is for you. There are so many options out there and so many different companies dealing in gold that it is imperative to gain a deep understanding of this type of investment before sinking any money into it.

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Feb 14, 2014
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Bring The Fresh: Splattering the competition

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In the summer of 2010, two world class internet marketers came together to make one of the most complete courses in internet marketing: Bring The Fresh. Those two internet marketers are named Kelly Felix and Mike Long and their course is all about how people can build websites for very little money and rank them in the search engines. It is designed with the complete newbie in mind. With that being said, it does contain information in various sections that will be profitable for even more advanced pupils.

The most impressive thing that this program has achieved is an almost unanimously positive reaction across the search engine optimization community. It is rare to find a program that almost only gets positive reviews and if you do a quick search online, you’ll be hard pressed to find an exception to this. This is because Kelly and Mike were driven to make sure that the Bring The Fresh course not include any fluff, only highly actionable information that brings results.

What makes Kelly Felix and Bring The Fresh worth listening to?

Now a lot of SEO program creators out there make up a fake image for themselves in an attempt to make themselves seem more knowledgeable than they actually are. So it’s good to wonder if Kelly is one of these hucksters. The good news is that he is not. In fact, Kelly knows a lot about ranking websites in the search engines and this was reflected for a long time when he was ranked for the insanely competitive term “bad credit”. After that, he worked on another very successful internet marketing program called the Rich Jerk which he later sold for millions of dollars.

But good knowledge isn’t free, right?

Most programs are either ridiculously over priced or try to make you believe that they are losing money selling you thousand’s worth of information for pennies on the dollar. In both cases, the value tends to be lower than the price the program sells for.

Bring The Fresh manages to actually provide much more value than the price it sells for. The cost of a lifetime membership is significantly less than one hundred dollars. What’s more is that the format in which the information is delivered isn’t limited to one or the other. Kelly and his team understand that some people prefer video while other people like better a pdf file for learning. That’s why they’ve included both for the convenience of the many members that have paid the price of entry.

“How to” is just half the battle

One other great thing that Bring The Fresh offers its members is motivation to stay focused and persistent in their efforts. Because consistent effort is vital to success in any online business venture, there are videos that discuss and lay out plans to stay focused and motivated. Top that off with the fact that Kelly has made available a member’s forum for the members to interact with each other and share their successes, people have all they need to stick to the plan laid out.

Hard work pays off

When I say that the information in Bring The Fresh is top notch, I don’t mean that it’s going to bring in millions of dollars overnight. In fact, the plan laid out requires almost daily work on the part of the members and those who aren’t willing to go through with it will fail. On the other hand, the people who diligently work and stay persistent with their efforts will be rewarded and are the ones that will ultimately succeed.


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