The best data recovery is like that sweetest cherry on your cake. It surely is bliss if all things are at one place. But is it possible with your data?

We are impatient, and so, we cannot wait long for data retrieval. The process has to be quick and reliable.

It is a matter of safety too. You surely don’t want to lose any of your data. Yes, trespassers are always trying snick through your private wall.

But, put all those things aside, the aim is to store and safeguard your data against accident. Additionally, you must be able to get back your saved data quickly whenever you need to.

With this purpose in mind, I have a list of 4 best data recovery software for you. They are widely used and trusted for their performance.

But before you download, you must know their features. This is important because you should decide on the basis of the following factors.

Data Recovery Software

Features of Data Recovery Software

Each data recovery software has their perks. Some focus on enhanced storage while some on security. So, you should know which is best as per your requirements.

There are several deciding factors. The thing is, data recovery has a certain amount of gravity to it.

People are always facing issue with their data recovery tools. The privacy breach is the most notable one. In spite of using strong passwords, software and cloud storage facilities are prone to DDoS attacks.

Additionally, there are certain other things which you must know. So, let me brief you on all features and factors of Data recovery software.

OS Compatibility

Your Data recovery software should be compatible with your operating system. If we consider Windows OS, it continuously rolls-out updates and version developments. Your software must be on par with the updates.

For example- many data recovery software stopped responding after the Windows 10 anniversary update. The reason was the software fails to update their privacy policy accordingly.

So, make sure you download the compatible version of the software.

Enhanced and Easy UX

Nowadays, software companies are focussing on improving their user experience. This means they are promoting your software experience. By simplifying the menu option and utility features. This helps you understand their functions easily. So, UX is an essential part, when it comes to choosing a software. So that, people should understand the features and perks.

Universal File Format Support

Your data recovery software should support all types of file formats. There are specific programs which support only specific file formats.

Also, there are individual programs which back up only images, videos, and documents.

So make sure the software you are downloading supports all range of file formats- from images to ‘.exe.’ format files too.

Must Have Online Backup Option

No one can vouch for malware protection. Sometimes, system files may get corrupted. In that case, your data recovery software won’t work.

But, you have the following two options-

  • Use an advanced antivirus firewall on your system
  • Make sure your software provides online cloud storage too.


Let’s start with four best data recovery software of 2018.


Perhaps it is one of the best data recovery software out there. It is known for its speed and user-friendly features.

The best part is its backend working. You can run Recuva behind as a system process. Thus, it keeps backing up all your essential data from time to time.

Honestly, its free version is more than enough to impress you. But, in case you have large files, go for its paid version.

The paid Recuva provides hard disk recovery and backup. That means, it can back up your entire SSD!

But there is only one problem. You have to have a Windows OS. OSX users cannot, to use Recuva for data backup and recovery.

Stellar Phoenix

What if a software provides data back up, recovery, and scanning too? I know, it won’t come free. You have to spend a few dimes.

That is precisely what Stellar Phoenix provides. You can download, install, upload, and backup in the free version.

However, for scanning and real-time backup, you must have a paid version. If you want to conserve your pretty penny, then you have only 1 GB of data back up option.

As far as recovery is concerned, it is perhaps the fastest. It has impressive features which are worth every buck spent off your credit card.

To wrap it up, it is compatible with the universal operating system. Windows, Mac, Linux. So, everyone can download it.

Pandora Disk Drill

Novices are afraid of advanced software programs. So, I have Pandora for you. It has a success rate which shows the upload rate of your file.

There is no limitation on recovery. OSX users can launder its data recovery capabilities!

So, if your MacBook seems bit ‘dead,’ try Pandora. It keeps backing up your data to a point until your MacBook starts breathing again.

If I start mentioning its features, this one blog won’t be enough. The developers made sure you get the most at the cheapest. That’s all I can say.

But yes, if your hard drive is corrupted or damaged, then avoid this software. For a healthy hard disk, get the best data recovery with Pandora Recovery Disk Drill.

Pause, resume, any file format, anywhere without losing your data.  I am sure, although third in the list, Pandora surely has impressed you.

Wise Data Recovery

As the name, so is it’s functioning!

All the above software programs might weigh extra on your SSD. Wise, however, won’t at any rate.

It is designed to be light-weighted and simultaneously provide fast data recovery and back up.

It records the upload and back up time for you. So, you never lose track of your data recovery and back up.

But you see, it is known to fail at times. The uploads are not complete and get stuck in between.

But in all, it is good for a start. It never crashes and works just fine with any antivirus software on your system.

So these are the four widely used data recovery software programs. Which are you choosing?