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Today there are multiple smartphones available in the market. Some have a wonderful battery life while other has a faster operating system. Which one to choose? or which one to rely on? It has become difficult for people to choose the ideal smartphone which would meet their requirements. Asking ten different people about the best smartphone will likely get you ten different responses from each of them.

The use of a smartphone varies from one user to another. Some use it for only calling and sending a text message. While there are people who spend more time using social media on their device. Then there are the ones who are addicted to mobile photography as well as videography. And to conclude the list, there is a host of people who are obsessed with mobile gaming.

For every smartphone user, there are different smartphones based on their day to day demands. This article provides some of the helpful tips on how to choose the best smartphone of 2018. This will make it easier for you to choose your ideal phone with ease and no regrets.

Picking The Best Smartphone Has Never Been Easier!

During purchasing a new smartphone, go for the phone which provides the features that meet your requirements. You may have heard this advice quite a lot, but many people have found themselves being the victim of marketing stunts and ended up buying smartphones which are of no use.

Even though these smartphones come with excellent attributes, it would probably be a better choice for someone else. Hence, by carefully assessing the features before opting for a smartphone is essential. Here are some of the tips to consider before purchasing your smartphone.

I. Choose an OS: Android Phone or an iPhone?

While there are several operating systems in the market today, it generally comes down to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. The Android Smartphones run on a large number of brands from numerous manufacturers. On the other hand, Apple’s iOS is only limited to the smartphones, manufactured by Apple.


Android Smartphones

The Android smartphone’s pricing begins from a few dollars and going up to a thousand dollars for the flagship devices. You can download over 2 million apps from Google Play Store in Android. Furthermore, you can easily connect to your Google account to sync your data across your other devices.

Android is known for its customizable features that allow its users to make changes to any part of the system as per their convenience. Despite these pros, one of the biggest cons of Android is its fragmentation.

Let alone the budget range smartphones, even the flagship Android smartphones do not come with the latest versions of the operating system. Often the manufacturing companies tend to dump the old smartphones as soon as they release the new versions.

best smartphone

iOS by Apple

As previously mentioned, the iOS operating system is limited to the smartphones which are produced by Apple. This means that this OS only runs in the iPhone smartphones.

Since iOS is a well refined operating system, Apple does not need to support other devices. Apple’s App Store is more organized than Google’s Play Store. On top of that, the average quality of an iOS app is much higher than the Android apps.

Despite the occasional defects in iOS apps, Apple’s App Store is secure. Having said that, the high quality and refined features reflect on the price tags of the Apple smartphones too.

Generally, the iPhone smartphones are very expensive. So unless you are willing to spend a huge amount of money on purchasing a new smartphone, you are better off using an Android.

II. Set your Budget

best smartphone

As the figures suggest, an average person buys a new smartphone every two years time. This is a common theme as the smartphones are constantly getting better.

Smartphone manufacturing companies are continuously adding new and improved features to the smartphones to meet the new demands of the current generation. Thus, it is important to set a specific budget before purchasing a smartphone. Also, it is suggested to not overspend on a smartphone you cannot really afford.

Be mindful of the fact that even the best smartphones of today will become obsolete in a few years time and thus become slower as compared to the new devices. Hence it is recommended that you set a firm budget and look to find smartphones within that range itself.

III. Evaluate Your Requirements

It is essential that you are aware of what purposes you want to use your smartphone for and how you want to use it. For instance, the Bezel-Less display is the ongoing trend today. But, if you do not have a high-end technical requirement in your smartphone, then there is no need to spend big on an expensive smartphone with a bezel-less look.

Similarly, if you are fond of clicking pictures and recording videos, then purchasing a smartphone which records high-quality videos and clicks crisp and clear pictures even in low light is worth the money.

IV. Comparing the Specifications

Not everyone likes to compare the specs of smartphones, but it is a crucial step to follow to find your ideal smartphone. Comparison of the smartphones is likely to give you a clearer picture of which smartphone to go for.

A comparison does not mean that you have to measure the frequencies or the cores in the processor. Instead, check out the basic features such as battery life, screen size, storage space, Ram memory, dimensions and the connectivity options.

Choose Smartly, Spend Wisely.

Smartly assessing the features of several smartphones in a specific budget range will help you find numerous suitable devices that fulfil your needs. Look out for the smartphones which offer exactly what you need.

Spending wisely is an important factor, do not get dragged into purchasing expensive devices because others are doing so. Set a budget and do your research work based on it. All the tips mentioned above should help you find the best smartphone for your demands.