Cloud Data Storage

For many years, Cloud Data Storage has been the most common means to store user data in another storage system. User data can be anything from necessary files and information to photos and videos. It is quite easy to use as well.

Most of the cloud storage services deliver effortless use of the facilities. You can start with one click and upload all your files on the go. While cloud data storage is the most fantastic storage technology, apparently, the new trend is about to get disrupted.

To find the solution to the problem, researchers came up with the idea of applying blockchain in cloud storage technology. In fact, blockchain-based cloud storage technology seemed to be the next big thing in the cloud data storage industry.

cloud Data Storage

Cloud Data Storage: The Preferred Choice

Apart from the convenience of easy uploads and downloads, Cloud data storage also provides a ton of other useful features to its users. For instance,

  • Servers as a backup for locally hosted data
  • Provides the unlimited amount of space
  • Cheaper than other hardware-based file storage options
  • Provides access from any internet enabled device
  • Provides some accessibility options in the form of mobile cloud apps, cloud websites and cloud software
  • Cloud storage services are protected from external factors. Hence less data loss.

As you can see, cloud data storage is a fantastic platform to backup your data without worrying about the space and security. It has made the work much more comfortable to store extensive data and access files on the go. Everything seems fine, then where’s the catch?

What’s The Problem With Cloud Storage?

It’s true that cloud storage technology has been an amazing innovation so far. Yet, it also has its downsides. Initially, cloud storage companies have a physical location containing their server farms. It means that if any disruption in the server farm takes place, then can result in the loss of your data and files.

Of course, the cloud storage companies are trying their best to safeguard the server farms from failures. So you have to trust their safety measures and use their cloud storage services.

To solve the problem of data safety, the technology of decentralized blockchain integrated cloud storage service was taken up. So we will be talking about the technique shortly.

Decentralized Blockchain | What Is It?

An essential aspect of blockchain technology is that it is decentralized. Rather than storing in one point, it is stored at multiple positions for better connectivity.

Decentralization removes the need for influential central authorities and hands the control over to the individual user. A lack of a single point of storage makes the system more transparent and secure.

Rather than depending on a centralized point, blockchain utilizes a vast network of nodes for communication. The use of these nodes validates the transactions and records the data in an incorruptible manner.

How To Counter Strike The Problem?

Unlike the cloud storage that stores its servers in one location, decentralized blockchain offers a distributed storage source. The distributed storage is spread across multiple nodes all over the globe.

Using Decentralized technique, the cloud storage service can see a massive change in its functionality. It will eliminate the worries about your data safety and privacy.

The network of nodes is usually computing devices that are interconnected to act as a storage device for its users. As a result, there will be no disruption, and all your files will always be accessible. It will not matter if one node gets down, as other nodes are still available. In the end, we need to worry about the safety of our data.

Moreover, all the bits of data across the network of nodes are encrypted and secure. It will ensure that all your data are accessible by you.

Also, it is significantly cheaper to maintain the data in the cloud system through decentralized blockchain. As a matter of fact, a centralized system is more expensive than the decentralized ones.

Decentralized Blockchain Cloud Storage Companies

As of now, there are only four top blockchain based cloud storage platforms which are Sia, Maidsafe, Filecoin and Storj. They all provide a wide platform for all computer users to rent out their unused storage space for a price.

Currently, all the four services are eyeing for a bigger share of the market. They all have devoted communities to embrace developing technologies. It will benefit us because competition often leads to innovation in technology.

Multiple decentralized cloud storage platforms will provide competitive and reasonable prices are their customers. Additionally, they also provide consistent services and product deliveries.

To Conclude

Cloud Data storage is about to undergo a significant change in the coming years. With cheaper decentralized cloud storage platforms, users can use the best file storage options at budget-friendly prices. Decentralized data storage services will completely change the way we store our data.

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