Forgetting passwords is quite a common scenario these days. In order to avoid this event, many people tend to set the same password for all the websites. This puts your account in grave danger. Hackers can gain access to all your websites if they get hold of this one password.

Hackers use the password breaking algorithm to gain access to the victim’s system. Computers or laptops and even smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday life. Not only a computer, but internet connectivity is also essential.

Due to the ever-growing industry of technology, Cybercrime and hacking also increased to a great extent. In fact, hacking costs many of organizations millions of dollars every year.

But finally, Google has brought forth a smart way to protect its users from hackers

Below is the list of top 4 Google protection from hackers.

1. Making Use Of Physical Keys

Google protection from hackers

Finally, Introduction of Physical Keys is a way of Google protection from hackers. The company revealed that these physical keys can help cybercrime reduce to a low level.

Physical keys are small USB sticks or Bluetooth powered devices. These sticks are made up of YubiKey. It is based on two-factor authentication. Google employees themselves tested this security system for further approval. Furthermore, it uses the protocol of the FIDO alliance.

With two-factor authentication or 2FD, hackers would need much more than just a username and password to access your system. A second factor will be required when the hacker will access your system, maybe a security code or a secret one time password.

Why is it essential to the business platform?

These Physical keys got much more attention in the recent years. Physical keys provide high security for the data and secure information of the company. Considering the data loss and the cost associated with the data gap, it’s worthwhile to do what Google does. Spend a few bucks and protect your employees with a high range of security with physical keys.

2. More Than A Million Small Business Sells On Amazon

In the recent years, a business report from Amazon shows that more than one million small business and medium business sells on Amazon.

It has generated more than 9000,000 jobs worldwide. These businesses are spread among 50 states and more than 130+ countries. The report also says that half of the products are purchased daily on Amazon from SMBs.

Why is it necessary for the business platform?

When it comes to small businesses, many of them have fallen victims of the e-commerce giant. But many merchants receive a lot of beneficial opportunities when they become Amazon merchants.

3. Cloud Build Technique by Google

Google protection from hackers

Launching of their Cloud Build is another Google protection from hackers technique, a continuous delivery framework. Google says that it is a complete software that can test, build and set up new software securely.

Cloud build works fine with various kind of environment like serverless, VMs and much more.

It supports Docker containers and developers get to test and set up the automated software with ease.

Google will enable the triggers to set up. So that when a specific condition is on the way, then an update will take place automatically. The user can easily recognize the vulnerabilities in your package before you set up an application. You can also build and set up the application in the cloud platform.

Why is it a necessity for any business platform?

This Cloud build service can be of use to any business that develops application or software. Whether it is big or small, this service works fine.

There is an even a significant advantage if the applications are integrated with some Google apps like Gsuit or Gmail.

4.New build in Windows 10 that fixes a lot of bugs

Microsoft releases two new builds for Windows 10. For Windows 10 1803 version, Microsoft releases build 17134.191, and for Windows 10 1709 version, it releases build 16299.579.

The users who were running on these two versions of Windows 10, Microsoft has improved the Operating system and made it faster than before.

The update 1803, does not add any new features. But, it improves and fixes many issues that can cause the problem to the administrator.

Why is it important in business?

First of all, make sure that your Windows operating system on your desktop and server are up to date.

There are more than a million bots worldwide those who are looking for an older version of the Windows operating system with security vulnerabilities. The best way to secure your system is to update the Windows operating system regularly.